I do not own an XBox, but a friend of mine does. I recently changed my regular on-console gamer profile to an XBox Live Silver profile so that I can use my profile on any XBox. I do want to play online occasionally, but I have heard that it is not possible to play online with a Silver profile.

I've seen several places say that its possible to play with online for select games; is this true? Where might I find such a list?


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As it currently stands, you must have Gold privileges - either from your account, as part of a Family Pack, or as part of a promotion - to play online. Free (formerly known as Silver) and local accounts cannot otherwise play online.

At one point, Microsoft did offer online play to Free/Silver members for select titles, but it was for a limited time, and that no longer appears to be the case.

Final Fantasy XI is an exception, though: you can play online even with an Xbox Live Free account.

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    One notable exception is Final Fantasy XI, which does not require a Gold account to play online. That game does require its own monthly subscription, though, which somewhat explains the difference.
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As far as I am aware, it is only possible to play multiplayer games online through Xbox Live if you have a gold account, or if you are playing on a Free Gold Weekend, which are special, and often rare, events that happen often to celebrate the release of a new title or occasionally for holidays.


You can play some games, as I have Crackdown 2 and I can play on multiplayer still.


I just went on cod mw3, for some reason it's letting me play on silver. I don't have any complaints!


You can play online with silver on certain games if you're on the same console and playing with a person who has gold. For example, the Halo games, although various limitations apply. There is a somewhat relevant list here.


It is possible to play with friends on silver xbox live. You need to have another friend that is silver xbox live and then your two friends can play together.

  • This information doesn't seem correct to me. Are you referring to the "Guest" feature some games have? If so, could you be a little more clear and specific in your answer?
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