Using any minecraft command that requires a entity to run (like /tp /testfor and etc) requires a entity piece, you can do it with players using the playername, and you can do with @e, @r, @p and @a, providing arguments or not. That is my question: What are all Minecraft selector arguments (in 1.8) The ones I currently know are score_scorename=value, score_scorename_min=value.

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Via the Minecraft Wiki

Present in 1.8

  1. x = X coordinate of search origin
  2. y = Y coordinate of search origin
  3. z = Z coordinate of search origin
  4. r = radius maximum in blocks
  5. rm = radius minimum in blocks
  6. m = gamemode (0: survival, 1: creative, 2: adventure, 3: spectator)
  7. score_[name] = score maximum
  8. score_[name]_min = score minimum
  9. c = maximum targets (not minimum, of which there is none)
  10. l = level maximum
  11. lm = level minimum
  12. team = scoreboard team name
  13. name = player username or entity CustomName (translated default name if no CustomName)
  14. dx = number of blocks in the X direction to search in
  15. dy = number of blocks in the Y direction to search in
  16. dz = number of blocks in the Z direction to search in
  17. rx = vertical rotation maximum
  18. rxm = vertical rotation minimum
  19. ry = horizontal rotation maximum
  20. rym = horizontal rotation minimum
  21. type = entity ID (only available for @r and @e)

Added in 1.9

  1. tag = scoreboard "tag" stored on the target (via Tags list, modifiable with /scoreboard players tag <target> <add|remove> <tagname> {dataTags})

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