"My friend and I wish to play "Minecraft" together, I have Xbox Gold, he does not. How can we play together?(Without him getting Gold)."

I really do not like playing traditional split screen because it is hard to see.

We have two Xbox ones, both own minecraft, I have a gold account. Will LAN work? Or is there a way to play split screen on two different TVs?

Thank you!

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    Why is this down voted? It's a legitimate question that I believe is on topic. If you downvote please state why so the OP knows how to improve.
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    Mar 8, 2016 at 7:01

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Unfortunately, this is not possible.

Whilst it is possible to play Minecraft on Xbox 360 or the Xbox one without Gold Membership, You DO need to be an Xbox Live Gold member to play multiplayer i.e Hosting your own world or joining another players world.


Well If you have an HDMI cord plugged into your Xbox,You guys can play together on the same console but other wise there is no way. Sorry :(

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