Without thinking when I launched the game, the first thing I did was change the difficulty on one of my main saves to Survival mode. After playing through Survival mode and realizing how tough it was (especially since I hadn't finished exploring the entire Commonwealth), I tried switching back but found no option to do so.

Apparently, from looking online, the changes I make are "final" if I decide to convert a save from normal to Survival. But I made these changes on accident fully unaware of the repercussions of doing so.

If I want to convert a Survival mode save back to a normal mode or playthrough, is there a way to tweak the save to change it back to normal mode?

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    Unless I'm mistaken, Survival mode is available publicly if you opt-in to the beta on Steam. I see no reason to close this question. – two bugs Mar 29 '16 at 19:24
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  • Are you playing the beta survival mode or the one that came with the game at release? Unfortunately you need to specify, since we decided that patch beta was on-topic. Wish we hadn't done that. A beta game is one thing, but a beta patch where alternate content is already released is quite confusing. – DCShannon Apr 29 '16 at 0:53

You can switch a survival game to a different difficulty the same way you normally change the difficulty, through the Settings -> Gameplay menu. I don't know if this was missing when the beta was released yesterday, but I just tested it by loading a save, switching it to survival, and then switching it back.

Lowering the difficulty from survival is a one-way change, you cannot lower the difficulty and then raise it back to survival, as indicated by the warning you get when you try to lower the difficulty:

enter image description here

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