Is there anyway for me to fix the Nether Portal in Minecraft Pocket Edition?

Every time I exit my portal from the Nether, I always end up spawning in a totally different place.

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If you mean that you get always somewhere else in the Overworld, there are several things you can do:

  • Always take a Compass with you (or find out by whatever method which way is home)

  • Make a Map

  • If you think it's a glitch/bug, try the same things in a new world - if all is OK, try resetting the Nether Portals (destroying them) and/or deleting the Nether data folder (don't ask me where that is 0_0).

    • If not OK, check for the problem on a different device or try looking for this problem on Google.

    • Also if the glitch/bug/problem is also on other devices/survives through reinstallations, inform Mojang on their bugs page, if it hasn't already been done by other people.

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