At what point does cooldown reduction cap out? Is it possible to hit the cap with only masteries and runes?

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    The CDR cap is still 40%, but in season 6 there is a mastery that raises it to 45%. This may be changed in season 7. – mbomb007 Nov 1 '16 at 20:10

Cooldown reduction (CDR) has a hard cap at 40%.

You can get 10% CDR from masteries alone (9/0/21), and 7.50% from flat cooldown glyphs or 10% from scaling CDR glyphs, a little more if you invest in CDR seals or marks (though they will provide a lesser amount than the glyphs.

If you're playing Summoner's Rift, the Crest of the Ancient Golem provides a buff giving scaling mana regen and a flat cooldown reduction bonus of 10%.

You can hit the cap with a 9/0/21 mastery page in conjunction with scaling CDR glyphs, a blue buff, and an Elixir of Brilliance (blue pot).

However, you cannot hit the cap using only masteries and runes. You can get up to 32.5%: 10% from a 9/0/21 mastery page, 1.8% from flat CDR marks, 3.2% from flat CDR seals, 10% from scaling CDR glyphs, and 7.5% from scaling CDR quintessences.

  • 11% CDR from masteries alone? I can only achieve 9% on my side. [intelligence: +6% / sorcery: +3%]. Did I missed something? In the same way Quintessences+Glyph+mark+Seal sum up to 19.2% on my calculator (So this sum up to 28.2% /w neutral buff). Maybe I'm not uptodate? – M'vy Jul 21 '11 at 10:45
  • He is including Blue buff in the calculations – camiloqp Jul 21 '11 at 14:00
  • @M'vy - math fixed. – Raven Dreamer Jul 21 '11 at 14:51

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