I'm playing Minecraft Pocket Edition on my old iPad, but I'm wondering if there is a way to organize stuff within a chest. I'm not asking about how to categorize the different chests, but how to reorganize stuff within a given chest.

I.e. within a Stone chest, I would like for the Cobblestone to be in a given row, or possible to move to a given row, and the Gravel to be elsewhere. Similarly for tools I would like to group the Pickaxe's, Sword's, and so on.

I know I can use other random items as fillers, but that is really tedious work, and I would much rather have a way to move from one block/space within the chest to another block/space in the same chest. Preferably without having to intermediately store it in the inventory.

My version of MCPE is 0.14.3 on iOs, and if answers are version related please state, if known, which version the answer applies to or from.


Since 1.0 (I believe), the new "classic" inventory (in the video section of the settings) allows for people to drag items around in chests.

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