I created a lot of submarines as Germany to try to bring british industry to a halt by cutting off the supply. How to organize submarine fleets for best interception percentage? What are the tradeoffs?

Group size? For subby hit-and-run smaller fleets (1-3) sounds better but one can hardly afford a leader to all of them, let alone one with a spotter or sub-master skill. Also, I imagine too large a fleet would not be optimal either.

Distribution? When to use any such "properly sized" fleets in 1 specific region vs have larger overlapping areas for each sub fleet?

Unfortunately the game seems to lack any strategic "spreadsheet" or diagrams to measure trade interdiction progress.

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"Broscience" says the groups of 7-9 subs are most optimal for Germany - good punch and still good stealth.

I am not aware of the possibility to change a supply root tranjectory so it only make sense to set the sub at the busiest regions. If you can handle it one sub group only one region.

Recommended regions: Coast of Africa and mid Atlantic - less British fleet and a lot of traffic, avoid English channel, as too heavily guarded.

General sub tips so far: - I call sub fleets "sub 1", "sub 2", etc - Create a many production queues as i have sub fleets and direct the newly produced subs to the fleet directly - Set engagement level to "not engage" and repair priority to yellow - Avoid placing subs to the ports easily accessible by enemy bombers (unless you have air superiority) - so basically avoid English channel coast line - Place a good commander - Combine subs with nav bombers

Yes, the ledgers are gone, they might be back though. If you keep sub notifications for a month you can see on the map which regions are the most successful and therefore find a good engagement region.

  • > I am not aware of the possibility to change a supply route trajectory One can mark naval regions to be avoided if possible, however, I don't know if AI uses this mechanic or not. Commented Mar 14, 2021 at 14:43
  • Yes it does, it also deploys aws. But in 4 years a lot of changed and meta is changing all the time. Also in single game it does not really matter. Commented Mar 15, 2021 at 15:13

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