I sometimes see terms like +1 thrown around for example Zealots. I kinda figured out it's related to upgrades but what upgrade? Protoss have melee, armor, shields and air weapons. Does +1 mean all of them?


When ever casters use the term +X/+X They are referring to the weapon upgrade first, then the armor upgrade next. In your example +1 zealots would be a regular zealot with +1 weapon upgrade with nothing else.

You'll often hear them say casters saying "They're going for a quick +1 timing attack" which means that the person researching the weapon upgrade is building an attack for when the weapon upgrade finishes, giving them a timing window/advantage over their opponent (assuming the opponent doesn't have any upgrades).

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    +1/+1 means +1 attack and defense, with +1/+1/+1 meaning +1 to shields as well. This is because attack/defense are usually upgraded first, because they are regarded to provide more bang for the buck, and they are cheaper upgrades. – Wikwocket Aug 15 '11 at 2:08

It appears to mean all of the tier 1 upgrades to weapons, armor and shields. Also seems to potentially include leg upgrades at least in the first game. It would not include air weapons.

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    Actually I believe in that article, +1 refers to attack only. The timing attack it centers around is referred to as: "when your legspeed/attack finish at the same time." – Wikwocket Aug 15 '11 at 3:35

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