Does anyone know how many points you need to get to the next heart? I kinda want to try and calculate how many times I need to give gifts to people for the next heart.


According to the Wiki:

Each heart is 250 friendship points.

You can gain friendship points by:

  • talking to villagers (+10 if the villager is in the middle of a special animation, like exercising or using a camera, otherwise +20; can only score once per day)
  • Completing a delivery quest for them (+150);
  • giving them a gift they like (see Gifts)
  • making certain choices in their heart events.

You can lose friendship points by:

  • not talking to a villager (-2/day);
  • giving them a gift they dislike (see Gifts);
  • hitting them with the slingshot;
  • rummaging through a trash can when they're nearby (-25, except Linus who doesn't mind).

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