I want to farm witches because of the resources they provide when killing them. I've watched lot of tutorials on how to farm them but all of them involve using a witch hut that is generated by the world in a swamp. I've tested this in a new creative world and worked as expected. Now I want to do it in my survival world, but the closest witch hut to my house is very far. I wonder if I can modify my map to "move" or "clone" this witch hut closer to my buildings so I can retrieve the materials easily and to not travel a lot just to check if I have enough redstone or other things. I've read that you can do it with McEdit but not sure how this works.

Additional info: I'm playing Minecraft 1.11.2 on a MacBook Pro macOS Sierra.

  • Alternatively you could build a nether portal at each location to switch faster from your home and the witchhouse. Or you could build a railroad for minecarts. – user168635 Jan 10 '17 at 14:54

This seems to be what you're trying to do:


The general gist of that is to edit the Temples.dat file which is where the witch huts are saved. This is done with a program called NBTEdit.


You could use program called mcedit: http://www.mcedit.net/ I don't know how to move something in it. But I know that you can move something. There are a lot of tutorials how to do it on youtube.

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