I have completed sapphire and I am still playing because my friends and I trade and battle. I am using MyBoy on android to play. I have a question, to which I haven't found a solution online yet.

I have Swablu(Macho brace) and Rayquaza(Mental herb). My swablu is quite weak so I put it as my first Pokémon and then switch out when the battle starts to gain exp.

I know you only get EVs by battling, but will my EVs be doubled if RayQ kills the wild Pokemon ?

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  • @DanmakuGrazer Yep I did but not found the answer . Feb 8 '17 at 17:19

Any Pokemon that gains EXP from battle (either through holding Exp.Share, or being switched out) will gain Effort Value points for defeating that Pokemon, regardless of their actual contribution to the defeat of the enemy Pokemon.

For your Swablu (+macho brace) example: If you were fighting a wild Golbat for +2speed, and switched your leading Swablu out for Rayquaza, your Swablu would still get 4 points of speed EVs (8 if it also had Pokerus).

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