I played Dominion yesterday for the first time, and I noticed that in the center of map there are two buffs (a flashing icon on the mini-map), one for each team.

What are the bonuses granted by these buffs? And what are their respawn times?

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    Personal shield + DOT on attacks is all the information I have found for the moment. Still don't know how long it lasts nor its respawn time.
    – Dalshim
    Sep 23, 2011 at 15:50
  • I counted 3 minutes for respawn time of the central buff!
    – Dalshim
    Sep 23, 2011 at 20:52

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Alright, I pulled these up with a LoL Replay of a Dominion game.

Bonuses Granted:

The character model grows by roughly x2

Storm Shield

The first grants an absorption shield with 212.5 (+12.5 x level) health that will recharge if the champion doesn't receive damage after 10 seconds.


The second buff allows the champion to passively detonate a lightning blast inflicting 90 (10 x level) magic damage on the champion's autoattacks and damaging spells with a 4 second cooldown. Spawn Time: 3:00 Minutes

Channel Time: 5 seconds

Respawn Time: 3:00 Minutes

Duration: ~45-60 Seconds (Not positive on this one, hard to find a game where someone kept it the whole time.)

Source: League of Legends Wikia


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