So I have just finished Blind Betrayal for the Brotherhood of Steel story arc. I chose to defend Danse. I passed all the charisma checks and everything. Even left Elder Manson alive. However, whenever I try to talk to him to get him as a companion he acts like a normal NPC. Will I ever be able to use him again? How do I get him back as a companion?

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I fear you may have run into a bug with Danse, or at some point may have become hostile with the Brotherhood. According to the Wiki, there are two bugs that could potentially happen with Danse:

  • If he is alive after Blind Betrayal and the Survivor becomes an enemy of the Brotherhood of Steel, then a bug may occur rendering him unable to react to the player character.
    • If Blind Betrayal has been completed, he may instead ignore the Sole Survivor and will only turn hostile if attacked. This appears to be a bug since the player character can still open the trade menu with him. The issue effectively removes him as a companion, but will not remove his perk.
    • Danse will stop talking and functioning as a companion if the player becomes hostile with the Brotherhood, even after Blind Betrayal's completion. This is evident by the fact that he is killable and functions more like a normal settler than a companion.

I would try to reload your game to a point before you've completed that quest, and see if the outcome changes. The Wiki also says that after the quest, if you have him as a companion, the Brotherhood will be hostile towards you. I'm wondering if this may have happened to you and now Danse is bugged.

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