What do I do after the Defending the Rift quest in Abyssal Depths? Legionnaire Nazgrim jumped into the vortex and I am left alone on the ledge.

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You have to talk to the only person beside you and he'll send you in as well. If there is no quest giver beside you, it's caused you've run into a bug, some people here are saying you can swim away then back and he's there.

  • I turned in the "Defending the Rift" and then jumped in the vortex after Nazgrim. Reached TOT entrance and nothing else I can do. That was my problem.
    – Jake
    Oct 2, 2011 at 4:00

Before the Shaman got pulled down by the tentacle, he mentioned that thrall must be informed of the event. I thought naturally i have to return to orgrimmar to find him. I went back to the horde ship in shimmering expanse where an NPC is there to give me a quest to report back to orgrimmar.

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