I'm pretty new to this game and I got to insane mode(my friend helped me) but when I play on insane mode it seems that I'm under powered.(and I don't know how to juggle that well) So I was wondering if there is a good set-up(in stats) that would make the game easier for me in insane mode. And if you know can write down how to juggle for the ps3 please.

  • Updated my answer because surprisingly heavyweight enemies can be juggled!
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For insane mode the stats Defense and Agility are the most important to have points invested in. This is because the enemies are strong and agile, you definitely want to counter this.

The Strength and Magic stats are for damaging your opponent and are less important because a hit means experience points, so low attack stats should get you more exp.

There are a couple ways to juggle but the most basic combo is this:

  • □ □ △ (in air against AI) Square + Square + Triangle
  • □ □ △ △ (in air against AI) Square + Square + Triangle + Triangle

To juggle middleweight enemies you can do this (this combo also let's you hover in the air indefinitely):

  • □ △ △ (in air) Square + Triangle + Triangle

Remember, not all enemies can be easily juggled. Only the lightweight are relatively easy to juggle. Middleweight enemies can be juggled using the combo above but heavyweights + most of the beefy enemies require advanced juggles.

There is also an "easy" way to defeat some levels on insane mode:

  • Arrow spamming with 2 or more players (need full agility stat)
  • Skipping levels (need other player who already beat it and can only be done on certain levels, mostly non-boss levels)

More tips:

  • There is always ONE enemy that actively follows you around, try to focus on this enemy.
  • The D-Pad let's you have more control over the X & Y-axis movement which is crucial to juggling. This is just a preference though.

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