So when i started this large world i created a whole lot of minecart tracks to make a Sky Rail to help locate the Sky Islands. Now i want to tear it down as i got what i wanted but also i want to move it underground but i'm finding it that it's taking longer to take down than to put up.

When i was putting it up i only needed to go at a set speed then just hold the minecart track out in front. i can't do the same as even with the Molten Pickaxe if i go more than 4 mph i end up skipping a track and it's at around 5 mph that the minecart will start to move on it's own.

So i am wondering if there is a quick way to remove and collect the minecart tracks i used for my Sky Rail


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You need to increase your Mining Speed

Mining speed .. is an invisible statistic that determines how fast the player can mine

Basically even with better tools, you will always break (low-tier) blocks with "1 hit", but if you increase your mining speed, you can hit more blocks per second. Molten pickaxe has the second slowest mining speed in the game, since you aren't in hardmode yet (I guess?), there are few thing that you can do to increase your mining speed (rather than get a better pickaxe):

  • Downgrade your pickaxe to get a faster one (while still breaking with 1 hit). For comparison here are the mining speed for some pre-hardmode pickaxes (lower is better) Full pickaxe list with their speeds can be found here

    • Silver Pickaxe - 11
    • Deathbringer Pickaxe - 14
    • Nightmare Pickaxe - 15
    • Molten Pickaxe - 18
  • Reforge your pickaxe to grab a prefix with a higher speed bonus.

    • Light +15%
    • Legendary +10%
    • Deadly +10%
    • Agile +10%
    • Quick +10%
    • Nasty +10%
    • Murderous +6%
    • Nimble +5%
  • Use Speed-increasing buffs and items

    • The Mining buff from the Mining Potion (Bottled Water + Antlion Mandible + Blinkroot) adds 25%.
    • The set bonus of the Mining set (Mining Helmet, Mining Shirt and Mining Pants) adds 30%. All of those items can be dropped by Undead Miners. The helmet can also be bought from the merchant.
    • The Celestial Shell, Celestial Stone, The Sun Stone and Moon Stone add 15% each (hardmode-only).

The bonus from items is capped at 70%

Note from personal experience: Leave the track there.

  • Later you will have better tools for the job (if you still want to remove it). Faster pickaxes, Drill Containment Unit, flying mounts, etc.
  • You can use it to
    • Move faster between your world jungle / spawn (center) / dungeon
    • Fight bosses

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