I am trying to friendship grind my eevee so I can get an umbreon in Pokémon Silver. One of the easiest ways of doing so is by walking back and forth for a long time. This method does take a while because the friendship level only changes by +1 every 512 steps.

The Friendship Checker in Goldenrod City said my eevee is "friendly towards me" so I had a bit of grinding to do.

I found a large patch of ice in B2F of Ice Path while playing through casually. I figured the higher than usual walk speeds on ice would make an easy grinding session, but after what seemed like a while, the Friendship Checker said the same thing.

I've looked around the internet, but I can't find anything related to steps on ice. Does sliding on ice count as walking? Am I gaining any friendship at all?


According to two answers on Pokemondb, sliding on ice does not count as taking steps, and therefore ice skating is not progressing your friendship.

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