I have installed the latest version of Clash Royale on both my devices (the old device and the new one which is iOS device).

Also both my devices are connected to a stable WiFi and my android is connected to Google Play & Google Play Games. My iOS device is connected to Game Center too.

I want to move my Clash Royale from my old Android device to my new iPhone I tried to follow the steps mentioned in the link below:


But unfortunately both of my devices do not show the Link device button.

My Settings section looks like below:

My Clash Royale Settings

But the link says that it should look like this:

The settings page as the links says

How can I fix this issue?


I think that the link you are following is a bit outdated, and I'm not sure that Supercell supports the link feature anymore. The best solution would be to use a common email and link the devices using Supercell ID.

  • Thanks, it fixed my problem. I just created a Supercell ID in my old device and logged in inside my new device and everything was fixed. – Naser.Sadeghi Aug 10 '18 at 19:24
  • Glad to know it worked. Good luck in CR! – Xcoder Aug 11 '18 at 2:12

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