I mean, their whole society shuns ever going to the surface, to the point that even taking a glimpse at the sky could make a dwarf casteless. So, shouldn't every single dwarf that went to the surface to fight the darkspawn and the archdemon in the fight at Denerim become casteless?

  • Yes. Are you looking for more of an explanation or do you have a question on a certain character or story moment? – FoxMcCloud Jan 10 at 18:55
  • Did they ever address this? I don't quite remember. The dwarven king didn't march into battle, then? – Hiken Jan 10 at 18:58
  • 1
    The dwarven king's were warriors, so they definitely went into battle. The majority of battles that the dwarves fought were in the deep roads, which is underground, so they didn't have to worry about becoming casteless. In fact, warriors are considered highly. By they I'm assuming you mean dragon age 1, yes it did. You can read into the lore in the books and by talking to the dwarves in blight town and the nobles. – FoxMcCloud Jan 10 at 19:30

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