I am trying to make a grass field, only that it isn't actual blocks for the grass or tall grass, but rather falling_blocks.

However, when I attempted to use Markers:1b for this purpose, it ignored the NBT tag and just summoned a normal falling_block, that I can't select blocks through.

What tag makes this possible?

Basically what I want is to break blocks through other entities.

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If you don't mind the block being a little bit smaller, you can try this:

/summon armor_stand ~ ~ ~ {Invisible:1,Marker:1,NoGravity:1,ArmorItems:[{},{},{},{id:"sand",Count:1}]}

This will summon an invisible, hitbox-less, weightless armour stand with a sand block on its head.

If you need the block to be the same size, you'll need to use a resource pack that changes the model of any entity to be the size of a block and look like a block.

A funny method would be to summon an invisible, weightless giant with a sand block in its hand:

/summon giant ~ ~ ~ {NoGravity:1,ActiveEffects:[{Id:14,Amplifier:1,Duration:1000000,Ambient:1}],HandItems:[{id:"sand",Count:1}]}

The block is diagonal, but that could be fixed by putting the zombie into a diagonally placed minecart. But it will shake anyway and is way bigger than a normal block.

  • I completely forgot that Giants even exist in Minecraft, but using them as a solution to this would be the absolute coolest (and toughest) way possible of doing so. By the way, I checked out your YouTube recently, too bad I don't understand German too well :)
    – Quijibo
    May 7, 2019 at 14:19
  • @Quijibo My future videos will be in English. But there will definitely be nothing in this or next month and probably not much in 2019 in general. May 7, 2019 at 15:50

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