Despite doing my best with garage and traffic layout in Tropico 3, I very often hit the problem of insufficient space to place a garage in a place where it would have been useful. The garages were very large buildings in comparison to most other buildings. My considered opinion was that garages in Tropico 3 were just too big.

I'm now considering buying Tropico 4, but before I do, I would like to know whether garages in Tropico 4 are just as large/unwieldy?


I have had no trouble placing my garages. Granted, I never played Tropico 3, but I do not consider the garages in Tropico 4 to be abnormally large.

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They're pretty much the same size in Tropico 4 as they where in Tropico 3 however they seem to handle a bigger volume of traffic and traffic jams don't seem as common in Tropico 4. If I'm honest, I hate that the garages are so big too but they're not the standard gas station, it's a full garage and car park, which in reality are usually quite large.

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  • Indeed - I did buy the game after this question and my experience pretty much matches yours. I wish there were a way to build smaller garages (and then obviously build more of them). The "A garage is overloaded, build another nearby" message is often quite irritating, because the answer I hiss at the screen is so frequently "Where nearby? Which of the buildings in the city center would you like me to demolish?". – Jon Bright Mar 19 '12 at 14:34

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