In Civilization VI, is there a config file setting to enable the tech quote audio to keep playing after the popup is closed? 

I just started playing again seriously, and I remembered either a mod or config edit that was able to allow the Sean Bean quote to continue playing after the completed tech popup was closed. 

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Go to C:\Program Files\Epic Games\SidMeiersCivilizationVI\Base\Assets\UI.

There, in file TechCivicCompletedPopup.lua, comment out:



-- UI.PlaySound("Stop_Speech_Civics");
-- UI.PlaySound("Stop_Speech_Tech");

You can do the same to quotes (e.g., natural wonders, arts, etc.) by just finding all occurrences of UI.PlaySound("Stop_Speech in the UI folder.

  • Thanks! I'll try this when I get home and best answer after I confirm! Commented Mar 5 at 19:00

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