I am a avid Hypixel fan, but recently I have been stuck waiting in queue's to get in the main Hypixel lobbies. When I'm in a queue, it says that you can skip the queue by getting a rank. I really want to get a rank, but I don't want to give my credit card info to the Hypixel store. Would I be able to use a Visa gift card like this to buy myself a rank?

  • Could anybody tell me why they are down-voting this – Ginge Aug 31 at 0:31
  • Because it's nonsense. Hypixel is one of the biggest Minecraft servers and it's against Minecraft's terms of use to sell in-game things for real money. If they did that, it would surely be known. So you must be victim of a scam. This isn't really a proper answer that can be given to this question. – Fabian Röling Aug 31 at 12:55
  • It's not a scam, thousands of people have already bought ranks on hypixel, I was just wondering if I could get one with a visa gift card. Also, ranks are usually purchased on store.hypixel.net. People have also asked this question on the Hypixel forums, but I didn't see a clear answer. – Ginge Aug 31 at 15:55
  • Then that's against Minecraft's usage terms. I'll talk to some people who know more about this. – Fabian Röling Aug 31 at 16:01
  • 1
    I was told that these "ranks" don't actually do anything except letting you join the server faster. Is that correct? In that case, yes, it is legal: web.archive.org/web/20190404221116/https://mojang.com/2014/06/… But your question made it sound like you would actually get some in-game stuff from that. Anyway, I'm not quite sure if this question is even on-topic here. You should rather ask on their forums or send them a mail. – Fabian Röling Aug 31 at 16:35

As far as I can tell, yes.

If not, they definitely accept Paypal. If for some reason you are not ok using your details with PayPal, you can use the prepaid visa on a PayPal account, then pay with that

  • If I used a Visa gift card, would I have to punch in the code? If so, where do I go to get to the place to put in the code. – Ginge Sep 2 at 16:27

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