there is a command which gives you a Pickaxe that can only break a certain block. if there is a way then how do you make it so it doesn't say which block that is. version:1.14.4

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You can hide any specific combination of data about any tool or block by using the {HideFlags:VALUE} tag. In your case, you specifically want {HideFlags:8}. As the wiki says:

{HideFlags:VALUE} - VALUE ranges from 1 to 63, representing 63 combinations.

When adding to create a unique VALUE,
Adding 1 will hide Enchantments
Adding 2 will hide Attributes modifiers
Adding 4 will hide Unbreakable
Adding 8 will hide CanDestroy
Adding 16 will hide CanPlaceOn
Adding 32 will hide Others, such as potion effects & shield pattern info

In binary form:

[+32] [+16] [+8] [+4] [+2] [+1]

For example: "000111" has a value of 7, and it will hide Enchantments, Attribute Modifiers, and Unbreakable.

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