In Six Ages (successor to King of Dragon Pass (yay)—released today, but I've tested the beta), whenever I explored, I would most of the time lose a few horses or gain a few goods. I would very rarely discover anything truly valuable or otherwise substantially beneficial. In addition, exploring costs an action and removes weaponthanes and a leader from the clan for a long period of time.

So is it generally considered to be worth it, to explore distant lands? Has it been made more worthwhile in the release version, perhaps? When I do find something interesting, it is as often good as bad, such as when I explore a mysterious forest but lose a leader. So it feels more like something interesting, flavour stuff, rather than something that one should strategically be doing to help the clan.

P.S. It may sound as though I were complaining, but I do like the game very much.

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According to the wiki, there are some benefits for exploring

Exploring lets you learn about new lands, filling in the map. But you can explore anywhere - it's quite possible to find something new in a place you've been to before. This even goes for your own clan lands.

A side benefit of exploring is that it can make the valley safer. If you don't explore, the threat of bandits or monsters can increase.

Another benefit is that you can let other clans know what you've discovered. This requires a dedicated venture, but will increasey your standing, and the other clans may reveal knowledge of their own in return.

While exploring, you may also experience certain events.

  • Thanks for the info! Those are indeed benefits. I suppose I never noticed how bad banditry could be, because I always explore a lot. Even so, I wonder where exploring stands as to game balance, considering the cost..
    – Cerberus
    Oct 17, 2019 at 22:18

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