How do I unlock Kingdoms that I can't even see?

Like, Silverglade, Bright Forest and Shentang?

When I click things that need me to finish those kingdoms, like the Soulforge, and have them tell me where to go, they seem to point me to a kingdom-less wilderness.

Do I have to finish all the other Kingdoms to even see the rest?

I already have Sword's Edge and Pridelands, but I can't see Merlantis, Silverglade, or Urskaya either.

Where Shentang and Bright Forest are supposed to be:

Official Annotated World Map:

  • Screenshot would be helpful to see how "kingdom-less wilderness" looks like. How far are you into a game? I recall there was some intro quests which locks you to a specific kingdom until you complete it. – Sinatr May 28 at 15:16
  • @Sinatr - Sorry that the pictures are so big... Do you know how to shrink them? – Malady May 28 at 16:51

Version 4.5 introduced a new kingdom progression system. Rather than being able to unlock kingdoms at will, kingdoms are organised into 10 groups, and only by completing the questlines of all kingdoms in a group, will the next group be unlocked.

Here's the groupings:

Kingdom grouping table

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