I suffered a power outage at home, facing the following problem hours after when trying to turn my PS4 Pro on (sorry, my PS4 language is set to Spanish, but I'm adding a translation with every screenshot):

Translation: Checking the system's storage status...Don't turn your PS4 off. When the check is over, your PS4 will reset automatically: enter image description here

Then the following message appeared:

Translation: A serious error has occurred in the system software. The PS4 will restart enter image description here

This process was triggered when I selected the fourth option here (Restore Default Settings): enter image description here

Everything is back (surprisingly, even in-game screenshots!)... but the game saved data, which is gone:

enter image description here

Is there any way to get it back?


Unless you backup your saved games locally or use PS+ cloud storage (with or without auto-upload), it's gone. If you do backup your saves, you can transfer them back.

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  • I suspect the data is still being there, somewhere. The screenshots are there, so the same should apply for the data. I guess there might be an option to restore it. – dev May 29 at 8:40
  • Doubtful, rebuilding the database probably destroyed the file pointers. – pboss3010 May 29 at 11:33
  • I didn't rebuild the database, but "Restore(d) Default Settings". You can see that if you read the question – dev May 29 at 13:32

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