How are the resources distributed in Subnautica? Do they respawn? If yes at what rate?

I want to build several big bases all over the map but not sure if there would be enough resources to actually do this.


Resources like stone outcrops, salt, ores, metal salvage, and coral do not respawn. Fish respawn over time and can be bred in Alien Containment Tanks, and plants can be grown with seeds in growbeds.

Worthy of note are the Reefbacks, peaceful leviathans on the back of which grow plants, coral, and barnacles with common ores. The Reefbacks despawn and respawn like most other sea creatures, providing a renewable, if slow, source of some ores.

That said, resources are much more abundant than you will ever need, no matter the scale of your constructions.


I had a good experience with the wanderers Whenever I need copper, silver, gold or smthing like that, I always go where the wanderers walk, pretty close to the floating island. They reveal resources from the ground and are definitely worth checking out. I don't think it's a limit amount, either.

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