All I see is this competitive open queue. And it's been that way for so long.

And I can't play that game. The wait time is like 30 minutes to 1 hour.

So, do I have to play it so this competitive open queue go away?

It's been 2 months the only game in competitive game.


Bloodmoon Rising is one of the Archives challenge modes. As such, it's only around during the Archives event and certain days of the Anniversary event (which rotates event modes on a daily basis).

Right now, there are no events running. The next event will be the Summer Games event, which usually starts in mid-July/early-August.

On a side note, there are always 7 arcade modes available. Mystery Heroes and Quickplay Classic are always available, 3 cards rotate daily, and the rest are either taken up by special modes or rotate daily.

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  • so it'll be a long time before it shows up again? – user4951 Jul 2 at 0:27
  • It won't reappear until sometime in March 2021. – Powerlord Jul 2 at 16:29

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