Context: I am playing a bow only run (I am not picking up or using any swords). I am in the Abandoned North Mine trying to save Yunobo. I know I am supposed to use the cannon to blow up the red rocks to save him; however, because I am not using a sword, I am unable to move the lever for the cannon. I tried using bombs to move the lever, I tried pushing a chest into it, nothing works.

I was wondering if there is a workaround to move the cannon or if there is a workaround to save Yunobo without the cannon.


Yes, with glitches

The lever will only activate by swinging a weapon. Unfortunately you will not be able to complete Rudania without the use of Wrong Warping* into it, which will lead to strange side effects and is fairly difficult to pull off. The red rocks are only coded to destroy after a cannonball has been fired at them.

On the topic of ESCs** and Ollie Clipping***

ESCs are just not powerful enough to get through that wall. It is possible, with enough stamina-restoring food, to Ollie Clip into Yunobo's cave, but this will not do much; the cutscene where Link tells Yunobo that Bludo is calling won't trigger unless you blow up the red rocks. Also, if by bow-only run you mean no shields as well, then both of these glitches will be impossible (not that they're helpful).

TL;DR: Not without performing a (fairly major) glitch.

Answer to your actual question (can you save Yunobo in a bow-only run?)

No, you cannot. You can complete Rudania, but not save Yunobo, unfortunately.

*A glitch which lets you teleport into any dungeon without external access to it.

**A glitch which lets you clip through walls.

***A glitch which lets you clip through the ground.

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