In Pokemon Emerald, a PokeNav feature called Match Call was added that allows you to keep track of certain NPC trainers and see whether or not they're available for a rematch. The trainers who are available for rematch at the moment have a tiny Pokeball icon next to their name:

Match Call

Battling with these trainers will remove the icon from next to their name. It seems like only a finite number can be available for rematch at any given time, so it's necessary to battle some of them in order for others to become available.

I know that trainers who are not or cannot be registered typically cannot be battled again, but it seems like some trainers registered on Match Call, such as Young Couple Kira & Dan in the Abandoned Ship, are never available for a rematch. Others, like Triathlete Abigail on Cycling Road, are sometimes available. Is there anything that can be done to rematch trainers like Kira & Dan? If not, which trainers that are registered on Match Call will never be available for further battle?

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If you look up these regions on Bulbapedia, it says they do offer several rematches.

Possible explanation for this (also from Bulbapedia):

The more often the player steps in an area that includes a Trainer that can be rematched, the more likely each Trainer in that area is going to be ready for a rematch.

So if you never go near these areas, your chances of getting rematches from trainers there are slim.

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    I thought this was incorrect at first, but I was only walking (well, surfing) in the general area of the Abandoned Ship. Since I actually entered it and walked around, I was able to rematch the trainers there that I was never able to match with before.
    – forest
    Jun 29, 2021 at 0:37

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