I play Minecraft Java Edition, but the launcher takes too long to load.

Is it possible to use a command on my macOS's Terminal to manually launch Minecraft?

  • Hi, ThatBananaNinja, what terminal?
    – Joachim
    Oct 16 '21 at 13:18
  • 1
    The terminal is another term for the command line. Why has this been downvoted? This is a really good idea.
    – MrParrot
    Oct 16 '21 at 16:49
  • I am currently working a solution to this problem.
    – MrParrot
    Oct 16 '21 at 18:47
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    Does this answer your question? Is there a way to open Minecraft without using the launcher at all?
    – Elikill58
    Oct 16 '21 at 21:37
  • That still requires the launcher, and the other answer does not show how exactly.
    – MrParrot
    Oct 17 '21 at 8:11

Here is a tool (that I created) for this purpose. It supports Mojang and Microsoft accounts.

By default, Minecraft runs in a sort of "portaloo" mode, where the game files (saves, packs etc...) are stored separately. To change this, simple edit the directory property in config.yaml.

Here are the instructions:

First, install Node.js.

Next, download this repository, and unzip it.

In the folder, run:

npm i
node index.js --init

This will create config.yaml:

# The folder to run Minecraft in.
directory: ./minecraft

# The version of Minecraft to run.
version: 1.17.1

# Optional: JVM Arguments.
    - argument
    - another argument
    - I have a lot of arguments.

# Optional: Memory settings
  min: 1G
  max: 2G

# Optional: Java Path.
javaPath: /usr/lib/jvm/java-16-openjdk-amd64/bin/java

Run the game:

node index.js

On first run, this will allow you to log in.

To force a log in (if you have multiple accounts):

node index.js --login

If the repository is suddenly deleted, that will probably be if I accidentally leak information.

Also, this is allowed on the forum, as I made it clear that it was my creation.

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