You can spend 1 license to unlock a weapon that you are high enough level for, but you can spend 3 to unlock ones you do not meet the requirements.

So the question is, If I buy a bunch of "high level" guns early, will I never be able to get some earlier guns? Will you always get enough Sheldon Licenses to unlock every gun in the game, no matter the unlock order?

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Seeing how you can accumulate 1 per gun by getting them to the first level of fresh its not infinite but there wont be a moment where you can't buy weapons anymore because of a lack of licences.

Since whenever you get a weapon to Freshness 1, and thats the cost to get a weapon you have the level for, then its impossible to get to a point where you cannot earn a new licence and you still have weapons to buy (since you can always get a new licence from the latest weapon you bought.)

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