I'm trying to keep my Alpacas inside an enclosed space. I built a fence area, and a "pen", but I still have 2 problems:

  • I don't know how to bind an Alpaca to en enclosed space.
  • The Alpaca in the screenshot jumped over the fence. It didn't really work.

How do I keep my Alpacas enclosed?

enter image description here


The problem was that the sandbag prevented my enclosure to become an enclosure

enter image description here

  • For the record, proper walls can be used to enclose pens, just not sandbags. You can even make an adjacent building with a door to serve as a barn, for the animals to sleep at night (a must for colder biomes). It's also smart to feed them indoors since food won't deteriorate if placed under a roof (but may still rot if not frozen).
    – Amarth
    Dec 9, 2022 at 20:32

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Are you sure the area you are trying to use as a pen is actually considered one? Or the Pen Marker you use allows for alpacas in its rules?

Going by your screenshot it looks like 2 visible possibilities: The wall on the bottom is confusing the pen and/or you are missing the fence gate.

I don't know if you have zone highlighting enabled, but if it was and the pen was recognized, it would be showing.

  • the problem was indeed that the sandbag wall was preventing the area from becoming an eclosure
    – andrerpena
    Nov 1, 2022 at 21:32
  • "I don't know if you have zone highlighting enabled" -> I was confused about this. The option "Toggle visibility of zones" does not show pen enclosures. The way to show it is to click on the pen itself.
    – andrerpena
    Nov 1, 2022 at 21:35
  • Thank you Rapitor
    – andrerpena
    Nov 1, 2022 at 21:36

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