This is my second time playing Universal Paperclips. The first was years ago, and I made it to the end. This time, I seem to be stuck after releasing the Hypno Drones

enter image description here

As soon as I entered this second phase, the Clips Per Second was 0 and has stayed that way. I let it play on a bit and opened up Power and Wire Production but I'm still not producing anything.

Is this a bug? I feel like I've entered this phase with a piece missing. (I walked away from the screen for a while so may have clicked Hypno Drones without first doing something else that the designer expected.)

  • Did this ever get fixed? Save and reload??
    – Malady
    Commented Jan 29 at 16:31

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In case you're still stuck here... It's not a bug. You can't make paperclips without a clip factory. You need to disassemble everything and make 1 solar, 1 battery, 1 harvester, 1 wire drone, and 1 factory. Then you'll immediately need to get up to 4 solar to keep everything fully powered. After that just try to keep everything in balance and build more of everything. You won't need more than 1,000 batteries though.

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