I was thinking of getting Catherine for PS3 but then I found out that it looks like you might not be able to choose the Japanese voice actors and I am kind of a snob about that sort of thing. Does anyone know anything else about this?

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According to a post in this forum, Aram Jabbari (the Atlus Public Relations manager) mentions the following:

There is no Japanese audio, only English. We really, truly try to explore this option wherever possible. It just wasn’t something we could do for Catherine.

In the same comments section, he also says

There is no Japanese voice option in the game. For the folks out there who simply must have it, you’re right in that importing is the way to go. It’d be a shame, though. We have a heck of a cast for the NA release, and they do every bit of justice and then some to the original audio track!

According to this forum (I do not know how legitimate this is), the developers also said the following:

While we certainly respect your preference and, as weve stated before, always explore options to include a toggle with the original Japanese voices, it should be noted that Catherines story and characters inhabit a generic AMERICAN city. Hence everything in Stray Sheep, their attire, etc. being in English.

And while we recognize the numerous comments from folks adamant that its Japanese or nothing for them, we cant help but feel like those gamers are going to miss out on what is, in our view, one of our best localizations to date, and a fantastic English dub to boot.

Again, thanks for your thoughts. Were certainly always open to feedback.

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    +1 for importing is the way to go. It’d be a shame, though. - this isn't some crappy anime dub. The English version has really, really good audio; and they changed the animations to match, something they can't normally do for anime. You can see an example here. So, you're not missing out by playing the NA version. Commented Feb 15, 2012 at 7:23

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