We are running a Minecraft server (bukkit) with new version 1.2. The height limit was doubled in the release, but I can't find any natural structures that use the new space above 128 blocks. I found some jungle trees and mountains that are 122 blocks height, but nothing above 128.

Does the map generator generate natural structures higher than the old 128 block limit?


A source for your answer would be nice. (The code of the part of the generator that limits the height, or a seed to proof structures above 128 blocks)

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    I forgot about that change. Maybe Notch will finally give us deeper oceans! – SaintWacko Mar 5 '12 at 17:34

Dinnerbone has answered this question on reddit:

Will the terrain generator ever be updated to use the full 256 blocks of build height?

It's intentionally designed to only go as high as it does right now. Maybe in the future, or with different generators/options, but right now we're happy with the extra breathing room for players.

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No, natural structures will not generate any differently as part of the height limit change. This change is thanks to the conversion to the new file format, Anvil, which supports layers 0-255 (as opposed to the Region file format, which only supports layers 0-127). The terrain generator works just like it used to, and blocks between layers 128-255 just default to air.

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    a source would be nice. – Baarn Mar 4 '12 at 18:33
  • I'm willing to bet that if you added a source, the upvotes for Walter's comment would magically spawn some upvotes for your answer. – Fambida Mar 5 '12 at 20:08

It doesn't generate terrain above 128 just like the old terrain generation everthing above there is just air, but if you want there's a mod that changes this, all it does is change a few numbers in the terrain generation code the rest stays the same, I'm pretty sure its called Dynamic Heights Mod (or something along those lines).

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