What is the maximum level in Mass Effect 3?

How many skill points will Shepard have at max level?

If NPC companions earn a different number of skill points than Shepard, what's the number they'll have at max level?


The maximum character level is 60.

Character level is imported directly from Mass Effect 2, and continues to climb.

Shepard receive 2 skill points at every level, and start with 1 point in their class abilities, giving a maximum point level of 61 for the first 30 levels.

After this, Shepard begins receiving 4 points per level.

Squad mates are simpler - they get exactly half of what Shepard gets, giving them 1 squad point per level, so 30 points at level 30, and 2 onwards from there.

This gives Shepard a total of 181 skill points (enough to fully max out 8 skills) and his squad mates an even 90.


Since this question seems to have been deemed the Canonical by mods:

The maximum character level is 60. At this level, Shepard will have earned a total of 181 Skill Points.

Maxing a single skill requires 21 points.

There are enough points in the game to max out a total of 8 skills, with a few left over.

Shepard, conveniently enough, has 8 skills, plus one slot for a Bonus Power.

So, you can come very close to maxing out all skills, but you can't quite make it to maxing out all 9. You can max out 8 of them, and have 13 points remaining for the 9th, which lets you get to rank 4. You'll have 2 points left over. Alternately, you could max out 7 skills, get two to rank 5, and have 3 points left over.

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