In the side quest "A Daughter Ransomed" is there a way to save the girl, keep your money, and kill the bandits?

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    Also who edited the question it's not 'my' daughter it's someone else daughter... isn't it?
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    Thanks, just out of curiosity why was the game title and quest title removed from the title. the title is almost too generic to be useful now, don't you think?
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    @Jack: The game is already mentioned in the tags and the quest name is mentioned in the body. I'd personally keep the quest name somewhere in the title, but that's just me. (shrug)
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Yes walk up to them and use intimidate or persuasion. Tell them they have to send the girl to you first then you'll give them the money. Once they do that you just kill them/pay them.

Listing at the wiki

Can someone editing the questions tags and mark it as Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening. As it's a quest in the expansion not the original.

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  • Or dragonage-awakening people will normally know it's the expansion, doesn't need the origins there
    – Viper_Sb
    Aug 17, 2010 at 18:12

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