I've just started playing The Walking Dead on Xbox 360. The game offers you multiple choices in conversations mostly to be answered in a limited time. How do these choices affect the course of the game? Do they affect the difficulty level? Can they change the direction of the story dramatically?

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No. They'll change how characters think of you, dialogue, and who dies first, but it all has one ending, one script, and one plot. If you die, you'll just have a "you died" screen and a retry button.


Yes some choices you make will dramatically affect the storyline.

For example when Larry was arguing with Kenny I told him to knock his butt out. I ended up losing his daughters trust and in episode 2 she wouldn't speak to me except when she had to. But I think that's because I called her a b***h.

I Think all your choices will end up changing the end result in episode 5. Those little notes at the top of the screen hint at that.

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    That's not that dramatic a change.
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