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Grid (full title Race Driver: Grid) is a racing game from Codemasters, and a sequel to the TOCA Touring Car series.

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Do AI cars "cheat"?

When playing Race Driver: Grid, I've noticed that it can be very hard to completely shake the AI cars, they always seem to be able to catch up somehow. Now I'm far from the greatest driver, so at ...
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What does the AI teammate agressivity level do?

In Grid, you can give your teammate an agressivity level. Defend, Keep, Balance, Agressive or Attack (might be wrong, going by memory) This level is ajustable by you and is shown below the map and ...
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Codemasters GRID and Driving Wheels

I just recently got a hold of a G27 Racing wheel and been playing F1 2010 with it ever since. Since F1 2010 is from Codemasters I assumed the older titles like DiRT 1+2 and GRID will also have ...
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Why do cars "sway" back and forth?

In Codemasters' GRiD, all the cars seem to "sway" back and forth slightly on straightaways, with no control input. Is this normal? Edit: After more experimenting (I didn't have the game installed ...
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Steering in drift session - Not able to take a big angle

May be related to this question. Yesterday, I started playing Grid after quite some time and focused on drift sessions. The problem is the following : I couldn't help but think the drift cars feel ...
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