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a series of military sci-fi games centered around an interstellar war between humanity and different factions of aliens as they fight to uncover the mysteries of the ring-worlds known as 'Halos'. This tag should be used for questions regarding the series as a whole, including plot/timeline, as well as questions about a race or technology not specific to a single game.

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What was the Arbiter's name originally in Halo?

I know that the Arbiter wasn't originally planned to be called the Arbiter and that the developers had other names planned for him. What were those names and why was it eventually decided to use "...
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What is the health bar in Halo games?

In most Halo games, there's usually a "shield capacity bar" which depletes with damage. When this bar is fully depleted, there's a secondary bar that starts to deplete. What is this bar? ...
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What is the "Heavies" mode in Halo multiplayer?

In the Master Chief Collection, this mode is currently a part of the action sack playlist in at least Reach. I presume that the mode is a variant of the big team battle with a higher amount of ...
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Halo: how does the Flood make sense?

In Halo most things have an at least psuedo-scientific explanation. Shields are a kind of force field. Covenant weapons fire superheated plasma with magnetic containment. Spartans are humans with DNA ...
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What happened between Halo 4 and Halo 5

I have always been a fan of the Halo series and in the past, I have read some books. But between Halo 4 and 5, I wasn't very active as a gamer or following any of the hypes on games, not even Halo 5. ...
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Halo Franchise In A Chronological Order [closed]

I want to know everything about the Halo series, covering everything from books, comics, games, animation. So far I got the list only for the games. I would be really satisfied if I get the list.
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Is Johnson alive in Halo canon following his appearance in Halo Wars 2?

So Johnson died at the end of Halo 3 after Guilty Spark lasered him to death. But with his return in Halo Wars 2, does that mean that he is still alive in the Halo universe? Or did 343 just add him ...
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Should I Play the Previous Halo's before Halo 5?

I have always wanted to play Halo for a long time and I was so happy that they finally gave it a T rating. So I might buy Halo 5 because it just came out + it got rated T. My dad wont let me buy ...
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Have the Elites learned to speak English (without any automatic translators) by the time of Halo 5?

In the first Halo game, the Elites can be heard speaking their native tongue for a mission or two, then we start hearing them speaking English, and they continue to speak English for all of the other ...
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Whats Master Chief's real name

I have only heard Cortana say "chief" That is all I Heard and I've tried looking it up, but I found nothing
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Is there any form of local multiplayer in Halo 5?

The articles I've found say that Halo 5 has no local co-op and reference the story campaign. They don't make it clear if it's just the campaign co-op that's been cut or if competitive local ...
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How did the Flood survive the activation of the Halo array?

I was watching Halo Legends on Netflix, a kind of Animatrix for the Halo series, and a couple shorts talked about the early history of the Forerunners, Flood, and purpose of the Halo array. From the ...
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Will I get Halo 5 when it comes out if I get The Master Chief Collection?

I recently bought Halo Master Chief Collection and I was wondering will I "unlock" Halo 5 once it comes out because that's kind of the main reason I bought it
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Are Cortana and Master Chief in Love?

Are Cortana and Master Chief in love? I've read conflicting answers around the web, but is there an answer with a source in Halo canon?
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Correct (lore-based) order of the Halo games

I own the following Halo games: Halo: The Master Chief Collection (Halo 1-4) Halo: Reach Halo: ODST Halo Wars Since some games are actually prequels and I'm not sure in what order I have to play ...
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Can I have a summary of The Halo story up to Halo 3?

I have just purchased Halo 3 and I would like to know the story up to it so that I can play the campaign and understand what is going on.
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What are all of the classified codes for Halo Waypoint

What are the classified codes for Halo Waypoint, what does each unlock, and where can the codes be obtained?
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What's the best way to use the marines?

You can swap weapons with allies in all games since Halo 2. I will sometimes give better weapons to my marines, hoping that they'll be more useful. For example, I'll take away their assault rifles in ...
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