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Hitman 3 on Steam/Proton via Linux Fedora 38

When trying to play Hitman 3 (2021) on Linux Fedora 38 via Steam Proton, the following problems sometimes occur for me: Game does not start properly. After starting, there is a short black screen but ...
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3 votes
1 answer

Random crashes with Hitman 3 on Linux via Steam Play/Proton

This is a question mainly for people playing Hitman 3 on Linux. I am trying to play Hitman 3 via Steam Play (Proton) on pc running Ubuntu 20.04 but I have random crashes in the level Chongqing. After ...
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3 answers

Does Hitman 3 contain nudity?

So I want to download Hitman 3, but I'm don't know anything about the franchise so I'm worried if it is not appropriate for me, a 14-year-old. Here's a little background on what I can see: I don't ...
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