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A business simulation theme park builder from 2018 by Frontier Developments. It is themed after the 2015 Jurassic World movie.

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If I buy one game DLC on one account will it go to my other account?

I want to buy a DLC for a game, but I can't remember my old account password (I can still get into it but I can't buy stuff in the Microsoft store), so if I buy the DLC on a different account will it ...
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Have an Entertainment Mission that is not complete

I'm on Isla Pena, and when I look at the Reputation tab, it has "Entertainment Unlocks Complete" with a check mark. However, if I flip that tab over, I see "Mission: The Star Attraction" is still ...
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How to mix carnivores and herbivores?

In Jurassic World Evolution how can I mix carnivores and herbivores without the herbivores basically being attacked the second they walk out of the gate? Or am I supposed to keep them in 2 separate ...
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Where can I find social/population Information on dinosaurs before the hatch?

After they are hatched/released you can see that in their information window. But where can I find them before if I want to plan which dinosaurs to put together? The 2nd tab would have the actual ...
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Which carnivores can be in the same enclosure?

For example: Dilophosaurus and I believe it was Velociraptor can be put together. However a Ceratosaurus and a Deinonychus can not.
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How does hunting instinct work?

I had an enclosure going with a Triceretops and some other small, cheap herbivores. At some point I got a contract to hatch a carnivore, so I figured, why not introduce a Ceratosaurus in the habitat? ...
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