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Questions tagged [luftrausers]

Luftrausers (2014) is a single-player shoot-em-up by the indie studio Vlambeer and published by Devolver Digital for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, Linux, PS3, and PS Vita. Use this tag for any iteration of Luftrausers.

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2 votes
2 answers

How to kill a battleship in Luftrausers?

How to kill a battleship in Luftrausers? Seems to be impossible to kill a battleship, how to hit it so it dies.
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What's a -CLASSIFIED no. 2-?

Luftrausers is a fast-playing, fast-dying game of aerial combat. There's a series of missions to carry out, all focused on reducing various enemies into debris, in increasingly creative and difficult ...
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17 votes
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Please instruct me on how to light myself on fire [duplicate]

Luftrausers is a quick, light, nigh-monochrome game of flying around in a configurable plane, shooting enemies, and dying quickly. During the game, there are missions you need to achieve: kill any 10 ...
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7 votes
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What does "Kill 50 enemies while on fire" mean?

A mission for the random armor selection is to "Kill 50 enemies while on fire". I take it to mean that I should kill 50 enemies in total "at very low health", but getting the counter to increase is ...
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What does the level do?

What does the level do in Luftrausers? Does your plane upgrade when you get to the next level, or is it just for looks?
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Does my aircraft fully repair itself?

As far as I understand, your aircraft repairs itself when you don't fire. Does this really reset your health to maximum though? It seems to me that I can take a huge amount of damage at the ...
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5 answers

When do blimps spawn, and how do I kill them?

I have a mission to kill a blimp, but I don't know how to make them appear. I've seen one once, but I don't know how to take it down. How do I find a blimp, and what are my options for sinking it?
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In Luftrausers, How do I complete the "Kill 30 enemies while firing nonstop" mission?

I'm trying to complete all the normal missions in Luftrausers, but I can't seem to complete the missions for the bomb body type. It says I must kill 30 enemies while firing nonstop. Does this mean I ...
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