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Apple's Mac App Store is a digital storefront for Mac OS X software for versions 10.6 and up.

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Can I obtain a Steam copy of Construction Simulator 2015 if I own it on the Mac App Store?

I own Construction Simulator 2015, which I bought on the Mac App Store. I would like to get a Steam copy so I can play on my (new, more powerful) Windows 10 PC, but I don't want to purchase the game ...
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Can I play games bought on the Apple App Store in my Windows laptop?

I've bought a few games (Civ 5, Roller Coaster) on the App Store on my Macbook, but the screen is broken, so I bought a Lenovo instead. My question is, can I play those games on my new PC?
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Can I activate a DLC I bought through Steam on a game I bought through App Store?

About a year ago I bought Rome Total War: 2 Emperor Edition for my Mac through the App Store. I bought the DLC Greek States through Steam. I have an activation key for the DLC but when I enter it on ...
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How can I activate a game bought from the Mac App Store on Steam?

If Civilization 5 was bought from the Mac App Store, would I be able to activate it on Steam, and how could I do so? It says here that CD keys for Civ 5 are accepted on Steam. Would this still work ...
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How can I fix a "failed to connect to LAN" error in Rome Total War: Gold?

I recently purchased Rome Total War: Gold via the Mac App Store on OS X Lion. I have had a lot of fun playing the single player campaign. However, when I try to access multiplayer to battle against ...
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Are there any advantages to buying a game on the Mac App Store (MAS) instead of Steam?

I was looking at The Baconing on the Mac App Store (MAS) and found that it is also available on Steam. Besides the price difference is there any other reason I would want the MAS version over the ...
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What is What Do They Do?

There are a ton of (mostly) highly rated games in the Apple appstore under the company name '', but the games are so wildly different from one another, that I can't understand how they ...
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