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Questions tagged [need-for-speed-the-run]

a 2011 street racing game by EA Black Box and the 18th title in the Need for Speed series. Players race in various events in a variety of cars across many well-known US locations

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What is lft+rt button on XBox 360

I am new to Xbox 360 (A week old!). I bought Need for speed: The Run. The starting of this game is an escape from the car. I pressed "B" button on the controller, to free him from the steering, but ...
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How do I get the "Supercars Pack" on PC?

As far as I have played Need for Speed until today, I can replace any vehicle with another. But all the searches I have done online do not show me anything that shows how to replace or add cars. For ...
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How to use keyboard controls with Need for Speed: The Run

When I play Need For Speed: The Run, all the onscreen prompts are to press "B" or "X" or "LT" (Left Trigger) for Xbox 360 controls. How do I play this game with keyboard only?
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Is it possible to change or upgrade cars by replacing parts?

In this new game can you upgrade the engine and body parts of your car like you could in NFS Underground? Or is it more like NFS Hot Pursuit, where you mainly pick the car and drive in an arcade ...
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How do I skip cutscenes in Need for Speed: The Run?

I'm doing a second playthrough of story mode in Need for Speed: The Run, but I can't seem to figure out how to skip cutscenes. Is there something I'm missing, or is this yet another feature they've ...
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Logitech G27 with Need For Speed: The Run

I successfully installed Need For Speed: The Run and when configure my controls my Logitech G27 doesn't respond. I choose "wheel" as control (keyboard works fine) but after that any button or action ...
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