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Another game in the Sims Series, with a medieval setting and special quests.

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Sims Medieval refuses to open

I am using a windows 10 laptop and whenever i try to open sims medieval it just crashes. Has anyone else experienced this problem and do you have a solution?I am using a disk version and my specs are ...
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How to get into live mode in Sims Medieval?

So, I've created my Sim and I wanted to build everything myself, but I didn't know for what these rooms were for. So I decided to re-run the game and choose for second option, which stated it would ...
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Where is the graveyard in Sims Medieval?

While searching the web for potential sources of mushrooms in the game, I often come across references to the graveyard. I browsed around the map numerous times, but could not locate anything of that ...
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How can I get the Sims DLC from Steam to work with the Origin version of the base games?

Looking in the Steam store, the Sims DLC packs have a little banner similar to this: Requires the base game The Sims™ 3 on Steam in order to play. My girlfriend has Sims 3 and Sims Medieval ...
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What Sims do I speak to in the Death of a Proxy: Proxy Election Time approach?

I'm working on the 'annex all territories' goal and am on the quest Death of a Proxy. I have my Jacoban Priest trying to find a new candidate, and have spoken to a jester but don't have a second Sim ...
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Completing quests slowly in Sims Medieval to get better score?

In Sims Medieval, quest performance is measured by character's focus, and it accumulates over time (both positive and negative focus). When a quest is over (all of the quest steps completed), the ...
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