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Does a ultimate edition disc work even after I played with a standard edition disc?

I have force unleashed standard edition on my xbox 360 (disc), and I want to buy the ultimate sith edition of the game (it include dlc's and stuff). Would the game work if I put the ultimate sith ...
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0 answers

Soul Point Difference Between Dath Vader and Emperor Palpatine?

In Star Wars The Force Unleashed at the last level is there an soul point difference between Vader and the Emperor?
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1 answer

Force Unleashed - Vader just stands there

I'm finishing my play through of Force Unleashed, and I've gotten up to where you fight Vader on the Death Star. I battle him in the hallway, then he goes into the back room, with the hot floor. I ...
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Is the Nunchuk required for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed?

Is there any way for two players to play Star Wars: The Force Unleashed without a Nunchuk (or only using one Nunchuk)?
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed easiest ending on Sith Master?

I'm playing through Star Wars: TFU on Xbox 360 at the moment and am on my Sith Master run. I'm wondering which of the final enemies is easier to defeat on this setting?
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